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Since 1976, Mustangs Unlimited has been the source for restoration parts, performance parts and accessories for your Mustang, including the latest generation 2005-2007 models, Shelby, Cougar and Ford truck and SUV. We offer only the best parts and name brands. With locations in Connecticut and Georgia, our fully stocked warehouses offer 1-2 day delivery east of the Mississippi River, and only 3-4 day delivery to the West Coast. We have the largest "in-stock" selection of parts! binary options software that works.

Here at American Mustang Parts, we have not only been serving our local Mustang community for over 25 years but owners worldwide. Being Mustang owners ourselves, we understand the hours of labor proud owners take to maintain and upgrade their Ponies. With thousands of parts from OEM to aftermarket to used, we have you covered. Since we have been doing this for so long we know how to get the best prices and ship it to you intact. Yep...we know how to ship your precious cargo!

At Mustangs Unlimited, we have been serving customers for OVER 27 YEARS! An achievement that we are very, very proud of. We offer only the BEST products available for your car or truck. Our prices are competitive, and our staff is courteous and dedicated to bringing you total satisfaction. Whether it's for your early or late model Mustang, Shelby, early Cougar or Ford Truck, Mustangs Unlimited is always here for you. So go ahead and order onlineanytime, anyday.Both of our locations can serve your needs for your 1965-2007 Mustang, the 1965-1970 Shelby or your 1967-1973 Mercury Cougar. We also supply performance parts for those of you with a 1974-1978 Mustang II. We have literally hundreds of vendors; if you don’t see it, we can probably get it. Take a look at our site map. If you have questions about any of our products, email us here..


  • 1964 1/2 - 73 MUSTANGS
  • 1965 - 70 SHELBY
  • 74 - 02 MUSTANGS
  • '67 - 73 COUGAR
  • 80 - 02 TRUCK/SUV

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At Mustangs-unl.com, we constantly strive to provide you with the best service and ordering experience to meet your automotive parts needs. In order to achieve this, we appreciate any feedback, suggestions, or ideas that you may have. For Mustang parts and everything speed, we'll put you in the fast lane. At Lethal Performance, we take performance so seriously that we put it right in our name — no joke. We know what you want from your Mustang performance parts: to rev up and peel out. That's why we help feed your need for speed with top-of-the-line Mustang parts and accessories that push your limit further and faster than ever before.

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The ’65 Ford Mustang GT350R, of which there were only 35 made, could get up to 360 horsepower. These numbers were absolutely insane in that era, and they allowed Ken Miles, famed engineer and driver for Shelby American, to take home a win in the GT350’s first race. Ultimately, it helped cement the Mustang as a “fast car” in the eyes of the American public.
Ford and Shelby continued producing the Shelby GT350 (this is when it first dropped the Mustang tag officially for a while) through 1970. There weren't any major performance upgrades in this time, although the design went through some changes — particularly to make it a little more friendly for the average driver.
This thing had a lot of damn horsepower, no matter which option you chose. The 2012 model had the same specs. In 2013, the Shelby GT350 existed as an upgrade kit for the Mustang GT.
While Carroll Shelby passed away in 2012, his legacy is alive and well. The Mustang GT350 came back swinging in 2015 — and even more of a surprise, the Shelby GT350R returned, too! A full-blown, racing-focused Mustang available to the average consumer. What beautiful times we live in. This current generation has brought about some incredible performance, particularly with its engine — a variant of the Voodoo Coyote. 2019 offered some key revisions in terms of suspension and aerodynamics. It has all led to the 2020 Ford Mustang GT350 and GT350R.

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1964 1/2 - 73 MUSTANGS
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